Thursday, September 6, 2007

David Wright Martini

In a Virginia Tech mason jar filled with ice, combine equal parts Vitaminwater (of a flavor/color of your choice) and Gray Goose Vodka. Stir. Garnish with Big League Chew; drink while watching SportsCenter.


nigel fowler said...

I think it might be important to know if the Big League Chew is pre or post chewn, and by whom.

jeterforpresident said...

hey jackass,
that drink is not a martini since it is not served in a martini glass-- also the martini is served up and your David "no as good as A-rod" Wright drink is on the rocks.

Mets are going to get swept out of the first round, they could not even win ONE GAME against there closest rivals in Phillie, and even though they did better afterwards it is just because the Braves and the Reds suck.

Yankees are going to get the wildcard and beat the Bosox and win the championship, while the mets are all golfing, or taking samba lessons or whatever they do once they get ELIMIAATED FROM THE PLAYOFFS