Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Quiz! What Fun!

In honor of the massive downgrade at backstop that is Yorvit Torrealba, can you match the Mets catcher with the career OBP and crime?

1) Garry Carter
2) Paul Lo Duca
3) Mike Di Filice
4) Ramon Castro
5) Mike Piazza

a) .287/Arrested for trying to set a woman’s ass on fire with a cigarette lighter in a nightclub, and then punching a parking lot attendant in the face.
b) .338/ Problems with gambling and younger women. Never arrested, thus a “good citizen.”
c) .310/ Plead “no contest” to a charge of misdemeanor indecent assault, spent a year on probation.
d) .377 (holly crap, was this guy good)/ No criminal or unsavory activities. Did have a “Belle and Sebastian” song named after him, which is, for a professional athlete, sort of worse.
e) .335/ Fined $200 for littering after he left 4,000 Chick Tracts on Darryl Strawberry’s lawn.

Post guesses in the comments section. I’ll put up answers latter in the week

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Northern red oak said...

Those look like pretty good OBP's for catchers. The standout of course being Piazza, who had a BA of 318 when Belle and Sebastian crooned about him and his catching. Please reveal the identity of the least offensive Met (except to women who prefer to keep their backsides unscorched) and the others.