Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Great News

So it looks like the Mets got Johan Santana, at the mere price of Carlos Gomez and three of their best pitching prospects. I’m almost sad: I had pretty much resigned myself to futility in ’08, and now I’m going to have to be all disappointed, angry and depressed when they blow it.

But seriously folks: Santana, Pedro, El Duque, Ollie and John Maine? That rotation is so good that I think I’ll be able to sleep at night, even with Shoenwise in the bullpen.

Anyhow, in honor of the Mets sudden relevance, and because this is the 100th post on this blog, here is a look back at ten of my favorite posts:

--This post suggests that an additional honor be bestowed on one of the inaugural Hall-of-Famers.

--This post also looks back at baseball history, at a player whose rare disability gave his team an unusual dimension.

--“Please Sir, can I have some more?” Oliver Perez is currently in arbitration talks with the club, asking them for an extra $4 million. This post illuminates why I would be happy if he got it.

--Gary Sheffield latter clarified his comments about Latinos being easier to control than African-Americans, saying that he was actually talking about how Latin-American players are ineligible for the draft, and thus more at the mercy of ballclubs. I took his pre-clarified statement to task in this post.

--This is a chronicle of my first trip to Shea in ’07.

--“The Called 3rd Strike in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” is probably the best title that I ever came up with.

--This post discusses the similarities between mets.com and Pravda. And now that Comrade Marty Noble has been utterly discredited, can I have his job, please? No?…bummer.

--I offer these posts as a specimen of pre-Mitchell thinking on PEDs.

--This is a poignant reflection, on the time between the second-to-last, and last games of the season.

--It is hard to feel sympathetic towards Stephon Marbury, as the Knicks recent stretch of not being utterly horrible seems highly correlated with him being out for the season. I still like the job that this post did of exploring the intricacies of his persona.

Thanks to "Nigel" for help with the list.

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