Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who am I?

What famous director is shooting this ballgame? Post your answers in the comment section. Send a description of your favorite director filming a ballgame to and I’ll put them up as well.

Alright, camera 1, I want you to stay focused on the pitcher’s eyes; camera 2, I want you to stay focused on the batter’s eyes. Now, in the moments leading up to the pitch we are going to franticly cut back and forth between camera 1 and camera 2, then a quick cut to camera 3, which will have been focused on the batters hands, and stay with camera 3 for only the split second when the bat is actually being swung. Now, someone call up Ennio Morricone and see if he can do anything with “take me out to the ballgame.” Oh, and for the post-game interviews I want all the Latino players to use fake Irish accents, and all the white guys to pretend that they are Mexicans.

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Anonymous said...

The director is Sergio "Hardaballe" Leone. The film is "For a Few RBIs More" The main character is the player "With Only an Initial and a Piece of Wood for a Name." He has untold wealth, but hapiness eludes him. The film tell the story of his attempt to find redemption in the post season. Will it be worth the cost of his identity?