Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Robot dressed up his hair like Pete Rose

I found today’s Achewood far more enjoyable than today’s Mets game. They have actually been onto the stoned softball thing for a couple of days now, if you want to go over to and check it out. Also, Achewood creator Chris Onstad’s blog, which you get to through the site, has a recent description of going to a Giants game, which is a decent read.

Achewood it pretty great in general. Graphically, Onstad is a master of showing a wide range of very specific emotions in characters who are made up of a few simple lines. And there is something about his ear for dialog and ability to create distinctive voices that is really special… and not ‘special’ like a team that gets beat 5-11 by the Rockies.
(You got to click on the cartoon to be able to read it, sorry. I’m new to the whole ‘image in the blog’ thing)

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