Sunday, May 13, 2007


The following are reasons that I have not been posting lately:

- My job: for the next couple of weeks I'll be working 9-5 (like a normal person); this has completely messed with my routine for working on the blog. Hopefully I will be able to re-establish a routine around my new hours soon.

-The haircuts: when the team that you blog about shaves off all of its hair, it really seems like a challenge to step up with something extra witty and insightful... but I had nothing. I am sorry that I let you down.

-The unreliability of my nieghbor's wireless, and the utter worthlessness of the Apple corporation: actually it is more fair to speak about the utter worthlessness of my roomate's computer, but this computer is deeply terrible. and that's also the reason that this is spelled all wrong.

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nigel fowler said...

It is a commonplace observation that involuntary servitude is the great deterrent to the creative and the intellectual processes, thereby providing a valid excuse for inaction.

Furthermore, it can also be said that in today's world a man is only as good as his computer---yet another valid excuse.

But surely the most justifiable excuse of all is the speechlessness that results from the sight of all those Metmenschen who, regardless of race, color, or national origin, appeared en masse looking as if they were plucked chickens on their way to Gitmo.

Not only Sampson but also Delilah could have predicted that they would lose.