Friday, May 4, 2007

Golden State Defeats Dallas

“ ‘Waiting for a miracle. Don’t you know what it is to do that? Don’t you? Poor man, I pity you! There are so few who seem to know….Once my father said to me: “there are two aspects of the Kabala, one magical, one abstract, which do not coincide.” The magical can encompass the abstract or theoretical, but the reverse can never be. The magical side is a gift, while the other may be acquired, though only with the help of a guide. And what I long for is that same strange gift: things that can be acquired I set no store by, and find as worthless as dust.’ ”
The Golem, by Gustav Meyrink

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Wystan Bottomly said...

Whatever else Sam From Queens may be, we now know that he's surely unique in all the known universe as a N.Y. Mets blogger who incorporates extensive quotes from the likes of Yamamoto Tsunetomo and Gustav Meyrink.

Whether this is inspired or foolhardy is irrelevant (as the Hagakure would probably conclude).