Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The game in progress....

I don’t know if this is bad form, or bad luck, but I guess I’m doing it anyway. BEFORE the game, I assured Haxi, an Albanian co-worker of mine and extremely recent inductee into baseball fandom, that the Mets would win tonight. A friend told me that predictions I make here do pretty well; I’ve actually been reluctant to make any since he threatened to take them to a bookie.

Now, though, the game has started and I don’t think that the bookies are taking any more bets, so I’m calling a Metropolitan victory… partially because my gut tells me so, and partially because they are up 1-0 in the second.

Also, should Oliver Perez happen to stumble on Sam’s Mets Blog, while surfing the web in the wireless-enabled dugout: Hey Ollie, no more walks, okay?

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nigel fowler said...

Oh Dear.

I suppose one should beware of wishful thinking whilst in the throes of vocational servitude.

For now the Metropolitans certainly lead the league in glove flinging.

Was it all about Endy, or what?